Zotero standalone green sync button rotates for a second, then nothing happens


I am trying to sync my local library to the online library, which is not up-to-date. When I click the green sync button on Zotero stand alone, the arrow rotates for barely a second, and then stops. Nothing syncs after clicking the button. Additionally, I am not seeing any errors coming up or exclamation points. Is there another way to sync the local library? Is there a known solution to this problem? I couldn't find another post.

  • Are you 100% sure that you're looking under the same username online than the one you're using for sync? The most parsimonious (and most common) explanation for what you're seeing are two separate accounts.
  • Hi Adam,

    I only have one account, which is the same username in the Zotero standalone as the online library. After unlinking and relinking the account, the issue remains. It says the last sync occured 88 days ago.
  • You're saying you click the green sync button, it rotates, stops, no error gets displayed and then it says "last sync 88 days ago" when you hover over it? That shouldn't happen, because there clearly is an error. Could you provide a debug ID for exactly this operation? https://www.zotero.org/support/debug_output
  • Hi Adam,

    That's exactly what is happening. The debug ID is D809179296.
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    It looks like you have syncing for My Library disabled in the Sync preferences. (This is covered in Changes Not Syncing, which is the general troubleshooting page for these issues.)
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