Editing bibliography style

I'm using Chicago 17th and want to edit which fields are included in the biography. E.g. I don't want to have information such as 'series' or 'edition'. Can I edit the bibliography style so I won't have to delete the fields in each entry of my bibliography?
  • Yes, that’s possible, but Chicago is a really complicated style to start with if this is your first time editing a style.

    What exactly are the changes you want, and which Chicago style are you using?
  • You're right, I am a Zotero novice and understood very little of the style editor.

    I'm using the 17ed. (note, with ibid.):

    I would like the biography to only include these fields: Title, Author (and all subfields), Publication, Volume, Issue, Place, Publisher, Date.
  • And thanks for helping me! I hope the changes make sense.
  • I also need this, could you please let me know how it is done? I can find no reference to 'series' and 'series number' in the style editor...
  • series is "collection" in CSL in case that helps
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