Zotero text copy and paste problem.

Hello. i make a list of something. i separate all lines with enter key and they appear one under another as normal on zotero. but when i copy it from zotero and paste it to whatsapp web or somewhere else, it becomes a single line.

for example:

**1. parti**40.734985,-73.98894240.754786,-74.007009,2dk40.859673,-73.894892,6dk

the line above is copied from zotero. it should appear as:

**1. parti**

what setting should i use or change? Any help is appreciated.
  • There's a current bug with copy&paste from notes that causes this. I don't think there's a workaround at this time though I believe they're working on a fix.
  • Oh, thank you. I thought there might be a setting for that.
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