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Who can I speak with about making changes to our account, ie owner and storage space? thank you.
  • Unless there are unusual problems, you should be able to do all of this through the website -- if you describe in general terms what you're trying to do we can likely help you here.

    If you need to reach someone, e.g. with confidential information, that'd be, but that gets monitored/answered a lot less frequently than questions here.
  • The owner of our group no longer works here, so we want to change who it is. Also, one of our members purchased extra storage space thinking it would apply to everyone but it didn't, so we want to apply her storage space to everyone. Thank you.
  • If you can get a hold of the owner, you can have them transfer group ownership to the person who bought the new storage. There's a button for that on the group storage place.

    If you aren't able to work with the current group owner, send an e-mail to the address above which includes some sort of proof (might just be the group name and your institute/research group name) and the account that should assume ownership.

    In general we advise people to use separate accounts, not tied to individuals, to hold group ownership for research groups or institutes to prevent this scenario.
  • Thank you. Yes we will make sure this doesn't happen in the future.
  • THanks for this discussion. I have a similar problem. THe owner of our group forgot what mail address he used when registering. He was research leader at the time, so I suppose he used his institutional address which has now expired. I hope it is ok to email your storage account and CC my colleague whose ownership we want to transfer?
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    @monika.barget: You can email with details.
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