Style Request: [Harvard Style]

Hi. I am looking for the "Harvard Style" as used in the Journal of Refugee Studies:
Has anyone already created a style for this journal, or knows of a style which is close to it? Thank you.

It would look like this:

LEONG, F. T. L. and LAU, A. S. L. (2001) 'Barriers to Providing Effective Mental Health Services to Asian Americans'. Mental Health Services Research 3(4): 201-214.

LEVY, S. (1999) 'Containment and Validation: Psychodynamic Insights into Refugees' Experience of Torture'. In Ager, A. (ed.) Refugees: Perspectives on the Experience of Forced Migration. London: Pinter, pp. 237-257.

ROTER, D. L. and HALL, J. A. (1992) Doctors Talking with Patients/Patients Talking with Doctors: Improving Communication in Medical Visits. Westport: Auburn House.

For online references please add the website details as follows: Available at <...> (accessed DATE)
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