Recommendation for APA (and similars)

Hey again!
In APA, when there are 3 or more authors, the next time we cite them in text we use just the first author and et al.
I was thinking that if the second, third etc. time we refer to those authors we choose to suspend them, there is a chance to forget that we've already cited them and write them all again.
It would be a great idea if zotero would show some indication when we suspend authors (for example highlighted date) as a reminder that they have been used again.
Hope it makes sense!
Have a good day :)
  • There is currently discussion underway regarding how to automatically add the author names in text rather than requiring users to always manually type them.

    Personally, when I write in APA style, I always write “Jones et al.” or “Jones and colleagues” in text, even the first time.
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