Authors first name, last name issue when exporting reference from Oria til Zotero

edited January 31, 2019

When clicking in metadata from Oria (Primo) (norwegian library catalogue) to Zotero there is a mix up in the author field. The first name is entered first and not last as it should. I have checked the marc-format in several catalogueentries and they are in the correct order. Somehow Zotero switches the order they appear in and sometimes if there are several authors a few is in the right order but not all (like in the link below)
What can cause this? Search Engine&isFrbr=true&tab=default_tab&query=any,contains,terra nova geografi for den&sortby=date&facet=frbrgroupid,include,206187070&offset=0

Citation APA:
(Ole G. Karlsen, Solerød, & Vigestad, 2009)
Bibliography APA:
Ole G. Karlsen, ), Solerød, H., & Vigestad, Ø. (2009). Terra nova: geografi (Nynorsk[utg.].). Oslo: Aschehoug.

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