Syncing and Using Google Drive

Due to multiple reasons (Needing to read and work via Mobile Device (iPad); number of files; and, the size of all the files) I want to use Google Drive to hold the actual PDFs. However, I would like to also see the library information via the web. Is there a way to not have the actual PDFs uploaded to Zotero storage while still being able to see the citation/content information?
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    Yes, use the Zotfile plugin. See the first option listed here
  • You mention the Zotfile plugin, I have that installed. However, how would I use it to accomplish this?

    Also, how can I be sure that what is in the shared folder (i.e. if I updated or annotated the file via a tablet or other program) is actually what is shown in Zotero?
  • Follow the instructions under the first option listed here to set up Zotfile to work with Google Drive to sync your files

    With linked files/Zotfile, all that is stored in your Zotero database is the path to the file stored in Google Drive. When you open the file via Zotero, it opens the file in Google Drive (which is being kept in sync by the Google Drive sync engine). To be sure that your files are updated, be sure that Google Drive is working on each computer.
  • Works like charm ! This guide I found after visiting many websites searching for zotero with third party cloud sync
  • It works, however, it is not working for my shared/group libraries. Anyone knows why?
  • Linked files aren't available in groups. They likely will be in a future version (once there's support for a per-group linked attachment base directory).
  • I will like the functionality that group members doesn't necessary have the attached pdf. In that case they would be able to follow what I am reading and if they are interested they could search for the pdf themself.

    I use the group library to share what I read with my PhD director. He does not read the library very often, is just to follow my work.

    Can I ask for this feature formally? Or shall I only use the forum?
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