Where is the information for citations for imported PDFs and how to add missing information?

I am new to Zotero and the Support pages are very confusing and do not include examples so that I can easily understand how to do things.

I have a lot of PDFs that I have collected as I was starting to do my research. I am trying to import them into Zotero to make my citations easier. I have dragged one of the files into Zotero and I see the Title in the center section of the UI. In the left pane I see Just the file name and the I had last opened/notated the file. I do not see any information that would be used in the citation.

Where do I view this information?
How can I add anything that is missing?

(I would recommend that the support pages for initial setup and usage should include step sheets, walk though examples and even for basic functionality videos be created for a better user experience, not just descriptions without specifics)
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