Entering citation causes jump several pages up

in our team we're recently experiencing the problem that when entering a citation in a word document (latest Zotero version 5.0.60 and latest Word 365 version on Windows 10) the location in the document jumps several pages up when the red Zotero dialogue appears to search for references.
The location it jumps to isn't always the same, e.g. if i go further down the document the location it jumps to will go further down the document as well - but will never be the actual location where the citation will sit.
This is really frustrating and hasn't happened in many years using Zotero before. I've reinstalled Zotero and plugins already - with no luck.

It seems to have something to do with the word document, as it doesn't occur with a clean word document that i fill with test content. But not sure what exactly causes this jumping problem.
Any help?
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