Workflow for 'updating' citation just with full-text

edited January 27, 2019
Hi all,

Just wondering: If I have a citation without an attachment, e.g. one saved from a group library or added via identifier without the full-text, is there a simple way to add just the full-text or do I have to add a duplicate?

For example - Ref A is in my library without an attachment. I right click and select 'view online' to be taken to the publisher page. To add the pdf, are these my only options:

1. Save to Zotero - saves the item again, with pdf, and creates a duplicate.
2. Download the pdf manually, drag onto the citation in the library.
  • For items that have
    1. Either a URL or a DOI and
    2. Don't already have a PDF attached

    you can use right-click --> Find available PDF
  • Yeah thats true, but that would only be for open access articles or articles that have a version deposited in an open repository, correct? For standard paywalled articles I'd just have to one of the options I listed above right?
  • edited January 28, 2019
    No, that works for paywalled articles that you have access to on your current internet connection, too.

    edit: "on your current internet connection" meaning that it won't work if you have to authenticate through an in-browser proxy as you'd typically do from off campus.
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