Exclude documents from citation mask (feature suggestion)

I'd like to suggest a new feature: excluding certain documents from the citation mask (the one in Word and other word processors) by checking/unchecking a field in each element.

Reason: sometimes I have multiple versions of the same document, for example for my papers, because I have multiple drafts. Currently when searching for the document to cite in the list I also get all those that I am not interested in. My current workaround is to assign a shorter name, but that's not very efficient.

Therefore, it would be nice to have an option to selectively exclude certain file from the indexing of the files displayed in the quotation mask. As mentioned above, It could be a checkbox on each file info, or something similar, which by default is set to true (indexed), and it can be switched to false (not indexed).
  • Yes, it would be useful, I have the same need (for another reason). Thank ghego for the suggestion.
  • An alternative might be to allow exclusion or inclusion of specific libraries and collections on a per-document basis.
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