Chicago (author-date): Initials in the in-text citation?

Why does Chicago (author-date) generate these initials? It is only for one author for this one citation in the whole text.


(J. R. Wolch 2007; J. R. Wolch, West, and Gaines 1995; J. R. Wolch 2007)
  • edited January 24, 2019

    Removed the citation and made it again with two. It looks like that:

    (Wolch 1996, 2007)

    Added the third, it looks like that:

    (Wolch 1996, 2007; Wolch, West, and Gaines 1995)

    Added one reference twice, as in the original example (a mistake while testing, it looks like that:

    (Wolch 1996, 2007, 2007)

    Something is wrong in the way the style is updated.

    The original formatting might be because Wolch, Jennifer R. did not have the second name initial in all references (still would like to know the rule). But after that was corrected, Refresh did not update the citation correctly. It had to be reinserted to appear as it should.

    By the way, is there a preferred way to report suspected bugs for Zotero? On Github or just here?
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