Advanced search cannot search in pdf attachment

however quick search can. I use advanced search-> attachment content, but it doesn't give any result.

Search is an important feature , maybe the no.1 feature I love zotero. Could anyone help me on this?
  • I just started using Zotero and I have the same problem. In "advanced search" there seems to be no option to search the full text of pdf's. Search "attachment content" returns no results whatever I try. Do I miss something or is this rather essential feature really not working in Zotero?
  • It is working for me. Is your pdf fulltext indexing set up and working correctly?
  • Yes, pdf fulltext indexing has been setup and is working correctly when doing a quick search.
  • I just discovered that search "attachment content" for pdf's in advanced search is working in version 1.0.10, but not in version 2.0b5.
  • It is working for me in 2.0b5 though. What OS? Which Firefox version?
  • I am using Windows XP home SP3 and Firefox 3.0.10.
  • I'm also having this happen - pdf fulltext indexing is set up correctly, quick search can pull with no problem, but advanced search only provides partial results.

    As an example, there is a name that appears in 8 of my PDFs. When I quicksearch for it, they all appear. When I do an advanced search, it only shows 3 of the PDFs/sources. I got all of the items from the same repository (JSTOR), and they are all fulltext.

    I'm using Windows XP, Firefox 3.5, and have had this happen with Zotero 2.0b5-2.0b6.2 (didn't try with earlier versions).
  • I am having the same problem - basic search can find words in the text of a pdf that advanced search cannot. I'm using a Mac (OS X) and Zotero version 2.0b7.6
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    The behaviour here should be reversed. Basic search shouldn't search fulltext (it's extremely slow on larger databases), or at least that should be an option, and Advanced Search should make fulltext search easier.

    Note, though, that Advanced Search does search for phrases automatically (so entering "in quotes", Google style, doesn't work).
  • I have the same problem in 2.0rc2, in FF 3.5 running WinXP.

    Quick search works flawlessly (and faster than ever); advanced content attachment search not at all. Database is sound, reindexing did not improve the situation.

    Additionaly, closing Zotero after trying a full-text search and then reopening it yields "There was an error starting Zotero."

    Debugging revealed this, from opening the search window, selecting Attachment content, typing the search term, to hitting search:

    (3)(+0012906): Localized string not found for field 'type' -- trying base field
    (1)(+0000000): Invalid item type null

    Hopefully this can be fixed in the next RC or the final release!
  • Hopefully this can be fixed in the next RC or the final release!
    An error that affected quoted quick searches and the "Attachment Content" condition has already been fixed, and it will be in the next release.
  • This issue seems to persist 8 years on. I'm using Zotero 5.0.49. My content is indexed and quick search works on attachments, but not advanced search.
  • @syr: It's unlikely you're seeing the same issue, but if you provide a Debug ID for a search that doesn't do what you want we can take a look.
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