Can't find Zotero icon in browsers

This discussion was created from comments split from: Zotero icon/extension missing in Safari browser post update.
  • Hi all
    I have the same problem.. I do not find any icon of ZOTERO in my browsers such as Safari and/or google Chrome ,
    The link above do not help me about this topic... so any one can help me?
    - see the icons of ZOTERO in Safari or
    - see the icons of ZOTERO in google Chrome

    thank so much.
  • version of Zotero is 4.0 is too old?
    - I do not see the icons of ZOTERO in word...
    i go to Add -ins... but icons of zotero are not there again...

    what I am doing wrong???
    can you help me?
    need to reinstall Zotero? or...

    thank so much.
  • Let's step back. First, you should make sure you've installed the latest versions of Zotero 5 and the Zotero Connector for your browser from the download page. Zotero 4 is indeed too old.
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