Exporting metadata AND (cached) full-text in some format

I've (sort of) asked this before and we are (sort of) able to do this now, but still: does anybody know of an elegant way to export Zotero libraries/collections in a way that includes both the metadata AND the full text in a single file (JSON, csv, ...) that can then be read by third-party tools (for textmining, corpus annotation, machine learning purposes, etc.)? Thanks!
  • Nobody? We are really struggling with this...
  • The Zotero Beta now has a way to pass arbitrary JavaScript code to Zotero so that you can access the JavaScript API. You can use that API to access a collection, its items, and their full text content.
  • Thanks. I'm happy to hear it is possible, even though I still have no idea how exactly to do it . Could you provide an example? Or even refer us to some documentation on how to do this? Please also note that I have had other people (that I don't know personally) approach me on this - also on the forum; so we're not the only ones who'd love to find out how to export our collections from Zotero and then import them in tools like Voyant or ITMS or the new Thresher Quickcode or...
    I apologize for asking this, and we MAY be able to figure this out. But it would take us days or even weeks. With no guarantee of success.
  • The JS API is described some here https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/client_coding/javascript_api

    Look at the code for retrieving a list of items in a collection, and the code lower down on retrieving item attachments.
  • If anybody else is interested in this and has some js-coding skills: please do contact me. We are still extremely eager to find an elegant way to export both the metadata AND and the full-text (cached) text from Zotero libraries/collections into a format that can be processed by textmining tools. Thanks!
  • By full text, you mean the contents of the .zotero-ft-cache file?
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