Export to TheBrain

For those who use TheBrain for concept mapping, James Valentine sponsored me to write an exporter so you can easily import your references into TB, available at https://github.com/retorquere/zotero-thebrain-export/releases/latest
  • Got the exporter to work, after finding the instructions about renaming the file and dropping it into the translator folder. It 'works', but doesn't really translate the relationships ideally. I've only just been playing with TheBrain, but I would have thought the 'top level' thoughts would have aligned to some of the key Zotero item fields, for example: ItemType, Creators, Date(Year). Another obvious thought hierarchy would be Collections. I'm curious if you/James considered an approach that would yield more of the relationships catalogued into Zotero. Is it possible?
  • You'd have to talk to James -- I don't even own a copy of TB.
  • @bpmcrae - I am interested in using the exporter you have described. I have installed The Brain and can use it. I attempted to go to the github page listed above and used their installer. After a restart of Zotero, nothing happens. I do not have 'The Brain' listed as a possible export option.

    Can you tell me how you located the translator folder? I cannot find it in the Zotero directory. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I finally figured it out. I was looking in the "Program Files" directories for the Zotero folder. While there is a Zotero folder in these locations, it does not contain a 'translator' directory. The correct location was in my Documents/Zotero folder.

    It works great!
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