Diabetologia style needs updating

Hello, I work for Diabetologia journal and the style of our references has recently changed, in line with our publisher's (Springer's) requirements. I would like to update Diabetologia's reference style for articles in journals to the following:

Names of up to six authors with initials (seven authors or more should be abbreviated to et al after the third author’s name); (year); title of paper in full; abbreviated name of journal (according to the NLM Catalog); volume number (issue number); first and last page numbers (full page range). DOI

e.g. Tanaka Y, Tran PO, Harmon J, Robertson RP (2002) A role for glutathione peroxidase in protecting pancreatic ß cells against oxidative stress in a model of glucose toxicity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 99(19):12363–12368. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.192445199

We are aware that this is CSL style in Mendeley but would like our authors to have the option of choosing the correct Diabetologia-specific reference style from your database.

I appreciate your help with this and look forward to receiving confirmation when this change has been made.

With many thanks,

Diabetologia Editorial Office

  • We have a whole suite of Springer styles. Does any of those suit your needs?
  • Hi damnation,

    We would prefer it if the Diabetologia style was updated to ensure that authors use the correct style when using Mendeley. Is it possible to update this?

    With thanks,

  • We can automatically generate dependent styles and I will do that for Diabetologia once you tell me which Springer style your journal uses. Then the users will automatically get the correct style.
  • Thank you! I've just had a look through but it doesn't look like any of the Springer styles listed suit our style completely (for example, the style for original journal articles may be right in some but then wrong for publications in books).

    Would it be possible to update just the journal article style?

    With thanks,

  • Yes, in that case, could you give me the Campbell and Pedersen example as adapted for your journal as outlined here?
    That will save us a bunch of work.
  • Alternatively, since the existing Springer styles look pretty close to what you need, you could also pick one and just tell us what needs to change to make it correct for your journal.
  • Of course. We would expect this to be formatted as:

    Campbell JL, Pedersen OK (2007) The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comp Polit Stud 40(3):307–332. https://doi.org/10.1177/0010414006286542

    Please note that if there are 6 or less authors, all authors should be listed. However, if there are 7 or more authors, the list of authors should include the first three names only, followed by et al e.g.

    Campbell JL, Pedersen OK, Smith J et al (2007)...

    I would be very grateful if you could let me know when the style has been updated.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi,

    Could you please confirm whether the Diabetologia style has been updated?

    With many thanks,

  • No, it hasn't. It's on the log (see here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zc3Sl4JU7Ltu0Q55-OB0QYCJbYiguVXwpc_BzBLLZcA/edit#gid=128551622).
    And if we had updated the style we'd typically post on here and also you could tell from the time stamp of the style (currently dates to 2014).
  • Thank you! I will keep an eye on this!
  • I work for Diabetologia journal and the style of our references has recently changed, in line with our publisher's (Springer's) requirements.
    Hi, going back to your original post, could you elaborate a little on this? If these changes are imposed by Springer, they'll likely affect more journals than just yours, and in that case we would like to make this change for all of them. Do you know if you're still following the "Basic" style as documented at https://resource-cms.springernature.com/springer-cms/rest/v1/content/3322/data/Key+style+points? That's the Key Style Points 1.4 (May 2018).

    If you spoke to a person within Springer about this, we'd also be more than happy to follow up with them directly (it's always very hard for us to find the right people to talk to at these large publishers, and we currently don't have a good contact). If so, you can share their email address privately via https://citationstyles.org/contact/#/contact-form.
  • Hi Rintze,

    The Diabetologia is slightly adapted from the standard Springer style, so we would appreciate having a separate style.

    However, I have just sent an email to our colleagues at Springer to ask them to provide an updated standard style for references. I will post it on here once I receive a response.

    With thanks for your help!

  • The Diabetologia is slightly adapted from the standard Springer style, so we would appreciate having a separate style.
    Okay, great, thanks. That's what I wanted to confirm. I just accepted @damnation's update, which will probably take a day to percolate down to Mendeley. Let us know when you hear back from Springer.
  • Excellent - thank you very much.

    I have been informed that Springer use 'Basic Reference Style'. I have been given a PDF by our typesetting team at Springer that may be helpful and gives many examples. Can you please inform me of an email address to which I can send the PDF?


  • edited February 11, 2019
    Can you send me an email via https://citationstyles.org/contact/#/contact-form? I'll give you my email address that way.
  • All sent to you Rintze.

    Thanks so much for updating the Diabetologia style and for your great communication. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

    With best wishes,

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