"Add a link"- Feature missing in Zotero 2.05b?

Is it possible that the "add a link"-feature has been skipped in Zotero 2.0? I can't find the Icon anymore and I cant find a menu entry which would allow me to just save a link instead of a whole website...or am I missing something?
  • edited June 19, 2009
    The button has been (deliberately) removed, as it is now redundant with the "create new item from current page" button (double click on a web page item now opens the web page in the browser - just as would happen for a "link item").

    N.B. to just get a link and not a snapshot when creating a new item uncheck "automatically take snapshots when creating items from web pages" in preferences.

    To add a link as a child item/attachment there is now an "attach link to current page" option in the context menu, this can also be accessed from the "attachments" tab of the right hand pane.

    The standalone Snapshot button has also been removed for much the same reasons, for discussion of both of these changes see:


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