Bulk import/export bib or ris files

I'm conducting a systematic literature review and I'm using zotero to clean/merge metadata for 50+ imported bib files (exported from Publish of Perish). This would be much easier and efficient if I didn't have to go File >> Import >> Continue >> Select file >> Import >> Done for each and every item.

Each imported bib file has to have its own collection/folder, so it's not as easy as simply concatenating the files using the command line. Is such a functionality possible at this point? If not, I'd like to formally request this feature.
  • Not possible, no, and I'd guess too rare a scenario to make worthwhile implementing. I don't think anyone has requested this before.

    Might be possible to do something with tag & concatenate (i.e. instead of every file importing to a new collection, write a specific tag to every item in every file, then concatenate and import) but I don't know if that's actually faster.
  • That's an interesting proposed solution, zutilo might be useful for implementing it.

    I'm also considering using the API to at least create the collections. Then I can just go through each one and import from clipboard using the keyboard shortcut. Not an ideal solution but seems more efficient than the alternative.
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