send attached PDF by email

just a question. Is there a way to share a PDF by email directly from my library?
Thanks a lot for your help
  • You can't start an email from Zotero, but you can drag a PDF attachment directly from Zotero to your email client to attach it.
  • Thanks a lot.
    I tried that in Mail on mac but it just displays the file name of my pdf (no file attached).
  • Ah, OK. It works with Gmail and Thunderbird. For Mail, you can click the Attach button and then drag the attachment from Zotero into the file picker, which will then select the attachment in its original location.
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    I'm missing this feature! Would be great to have something like this.
    dstillman suggestion works but it is quite long to do, specially if you want to attach several pdfs.

    Is there any part where we could ask or vote for features to be added to zotero?
  • dstillman is the lead developer, so they're aware of the request and more generally, this is where you'd ask (and there's no voting :)
  • OMG I should have known better. Thanks a lot dstillman!! Great Software!!
  • I would very much appreciate this feature too!
  • This feature would be great indeed!
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