Is it possible to open new notes with a shortcut in a separate window?

The shortcut command+shift o does open a new note, but in order to have them in a separate window, I have to manually click that option on the bottom of the screen. I want them in a new window so I can keep scrolling through an article and take new notes at the same time. I feel like I did it once by accident, but I don't know if I actually did or not.
  • Cmd-Shift-O → Shift-Tab → Return

    (Shift-Tab returns focus to the middle pane, and Return is equivalent to double-clicking the note in the middle pane, which opens it in a separate window.)
  • thank you!
  • For those on Windows : it's Ctrl-Shift-O → Shift-Tab → Enter
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    Is there a way to save the above as a command and save it to the taskbar on windows 10 desktop? For example: run : Zotero -OpenNewNote -Ontop ?

    Expected use case: open a newnote and start to write by entering alt+1 from any opened window or task you are doing (considering that the command would be put on the very first left of your taskbar, that is the first icon).

    Some rationale : add note very quickly, even quicker than a possible launcher snippet such as Ulauncher, PowerToy, Alfred...
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