(2019) How to delete a citation in MS Word?

edited January 10, 2019
When I googled this, I only found forum threads about this from a decade+ ago. So I'm posing this question again for 2019: how do I delete a citation in my document?

I'm using MS Word. This is my first time using Zotero. I put a citation in the middle of a sentence, and then I decided that it makes more sense to put it in a different place within the same sentence, so I tried to delete it and then insert it again. I simply deleted the superscript but that did something strange. I got a dialog box asking me something that I don't remember anymore, but I clicked No which apparently undid the changes. Now I have the same citation twice in the sentence, at the old and the new locations.

How do I correctly delete the extra one?
  • The dialog box was probably telling you that you modified a citation. You just need to make sure that you delete it completely. It can help to make sure that field shading is set to Always in Word's View preferences and to look for the gray background of the field. When in doubt, just delete an extra character on each side of the citation.
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