Transferring attachments from My Library to Group Library


I've read that many have this problem but I haven't managed to fix it. When I try to drag and drop files from my library to group library (yes file and library editing is turned on), the attachment do not follow. I understand that it is not possible that linked files show up, but those that are not linked doesn't show up either. Any solutions please?

Some of the files I have in my library have the linked icon, and some have the PDF icons, all are saved in my zotero folder. I use ZotFile. How can I change so that all have PDF icons? Thanks.
  • Ok I changed zotfile settings, location of files from custom location (the zotero folder which is then linked) to attach stored copy of files.

    However, how can I now change all the linked files so that they are not linked?
  • Select the items, right click, then choose Manage Attachments -> Rename Attachment Files
  • (I believe doing so in batch is currently broken for ZotFile, unfortunately: meaning there is no quick way to do this that I'm aware of)
  • Ok thanks, I have to do it manually with 3700 files then, autsj.

    Also, how do I get pdf's to follow when I drag and drop files from one library to a group? (yes file and library editing is turned on) The PDF files have pdf icons (attached stored copy of files are now ON)
  • Anyone?

    And will you make a feature so that it is possible that all members of a group have access to the PDF's that we add? what is the purpose of the group if that is not possible :/
  • 1) Make sure that “Attachment Files” is checked under the section for dragging items between libraries in the General pane of Zotero preferences. Also make sure the PDF is downloaded to your computer (the blue attachment bubble next to the title is filled in, not empty) before you drag the item.

    2) This is how groups work. If you are finding that some groups members don’t see some PDFs, check that there isn’t a syncing error:
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