How save to Zotero from Env. Research Letters

I click on the Z or blue paper icon and nothing gets saved from
I look in My Library for the authors, Geoffrey Supran and Naomi Oreskes, and nothing and not the title in My Library.
  • That page saves fine for me. (It should also be a white journal article icon, not a blue paper icon, and it should say "Save to Zotero (Institute of Physics)" when you hover over it.

    See Troubleshooting Translator Errors.
  • I wonder if I am running into conflict with some other addon or software.
    I have a pink Z now for Zotero and when I hover over it it says "zotero is online" and not "Save to Zotero (Institute of Physics)"
    I can right-click on the Z and choose to save to Zotero but nothing gets saved.
    Here's more from my poking around, treating Zotero as a "black box":
    Zotero is currently unavailable
    Zotero Connector Server is Available
    Authorization could not be completed.
    Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist.
  • See the troubleshooting page I linked to.
  • (But yes, as noted on the connector-connection troubleshooting page linked from there, if you're able to load that URL but Zotero reports that Zotero is unavailable, there's likely another extension interfering.)
  • I disabled all other extensions; still can't save; still have pink Z for most things; exceptions are the Guardian and LA Times (but can't save articles)
    Note I do have uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger but they are now disabled.
  • I will try to snag some shuteye and come back.
    Meanwhile, Thanks
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    But you're saying that 1) if you load you see "Zotero Connector Server is Available" and 2) the Zotero Connector preferences show "Zotero is currently unavailable"?

    If that's the case, and everything else is disabled, something is just broken in your browser. Make sure you're running the latest version of the browser, and also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Zotero Connector.

    You don't say what browser this is, but if this is Firefox, there are also more esoteric settings that could probably cause this.
  • Your note brought me back.
    I will see if I can check browser. Firefox 64....
  • Firefox 64 is latest. I passed on opportunity to "refresh" esp. because my settings generally work well.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled Zotero Connector
    The pink Z is gone, replaced by a grey sheet that says Save to Zotero with snapshot, but clicking on it does not save
  • I installed the Zotero bookmarklet in the Konqueror browser after failing to be able to drag and drop it to Opera.
    But when I clicked it with that page

    I got the following:
    The requested operation could not be completed
    Improperly Formatted URL
    Details of the Request:
    URL: javascript:var d=document,s=d.createElement('script');s.src='';(d.body?d.body:d.documentElement).appendChild(s);void(0);
    Protocol: javascript
    Date and Time: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 2:01:34 AM PST
    Additional Information: javascript:var d=document,s=d.createElement('script');s.src='';(d.body?d.body:d.documentElement).appendChild(s);void(0);
    The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that you entered was not properly formatted. The format of a URL is generally as follows:

    Possible Solutions:
    Double-check that you have entered the correct location and try again.

    But, having rebooted the icon for Zotero was white and had Institute of Physics and it worked.
    Maybe the moral is reboot often?

    I will go back to bed soon, though I am tempted to save a few more....
  • Does Chrome work better than Firefox with Zotero?
  • Chrome and Firefox should be basically equivalent, but as I say, it's far more likely for some setting to be interfering in Firefox. It's easy enough to test in a new Firefox profile.
  • Thanks.
    I may create a new profile for Zotero work and use a profile manager.
    I will see how long the good times last now that it is working again since I am working against a deadline.
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