I can not get my word document to update. Continues to say that range cannot be detect.

settext:d\users\build\cygwin\home\buid\zotero-word-for window-intergration\build\zoterowinwordintergration\field.cpp
  • Does that also happen in a new Word document with just 1-2 test citations?
  • nope only with 3 or more
  • Sorry, this wasn't phrased well: The question is if this is specific to a given document or if that happens for all of them. If every document with 3 citations does this that's the same story.
  • it will not update the document at all but I have multiple citations with 3 or more references including the fist one. If I try and add a new one or two in string I have no issues... its definitively related to the more than two citations in one string. I am using proce. royal B. but if I do nature I have same issue
  • Sorry, still not talking about the same thing:
    Does this only happen in one document or does it happen in many/all your documents?

    What I want to understand is if Zotero is broken for you generally or if you have one broken document. Troubleshooting is very different for the two cases.
  • one document currently. I have tried to copy and paste into new file but still the same issue
  • And i still cant get it to work. I am not sure I understand how to duplicate a document with out using copy paste. Is there a way for me to send document to you and you see why zotero is not working properly?
  • Sorry, I'm afraid you'll have to do basic troubleshooting before someone can look at a (minimal, narrowed down to the problematic part) version of your document.
    Duplicating the document without copy&paste would be to just copy the Word doc in your operating system.

    And then the main step in the debugging instructions is step 8.
  • Adam I have tried all of these and nothing works. The whole document is affected. I removed each paragraph and all are not working. I think it has something to do with citations more than three. I also noticed once the error comes up it makes the citations but changes the formatting of the document. Changes it to single spaced and does some weird indent that doesn't allow me to delete.

    Here is the first paragraph. The first citation is you will get the error and same for every other one in the document. I have tried to remove them and unlike but it doesnt help. I have removed all the citations in one version and it still will not let me put in more than 2 citations. Document preferences for Ecology Letters or Proc B. Both will not work.

    Global losses of biodiversity have galvanized efforts to understand how changes in communities affect ecological processes, including transmission of infectious parasites and pathogens (hereafter, ‘parasites’). Because most emerging infections involve multi-host parasites (Ostfeld and Keesing 2012, Han et al. 2015, Johnson et al. 2015a), determining how shifts in community composition and species diversity alter parasite transmission, persistence, and temporal dynamics is a pressing issue for both conceptual and applied research (Streicker et al. 2013, Faust et al. 2017, Kilpatrick et al. 2017). Evidence from a growing number of empirical surveys, modeling studies, and experimental manipulations indicate that biodiversity changes can influence infection by a range of parasites and through diverse mechanisms; changes in the density, identity, or interactions among available host species all have the potential to suppress or enhance infections (Ostfeld and Keesing 2012, Civitello et al. 2015, Johnson et al. 2015b).
    With rising interest in understanding the links between diversity and infections, a polarizing debate has emerged over whether biodiversity generally decreases pathogen transmission (via the ‘dilution effect’; Keesing et al. 2006), increases transmission (‘amplification effect’), or whether responses are idiosyncratic among systems (Randolph and Dobson 2012, Lafferty and Wood 2013, Ostfeld and Keesing 2013, Levi et al. 2016) Wood et al. 2018). A key difficulty is that diversity can influence infection through multiple, even opposing pathways. In addition to species richness (number of species), shifts in diversity are frequently accompanied by changes in host density/biomass (overall or for specific host species) and species composition (the identity of species). Because each of these attributes has the potential to alter parasite transmission, field-based correlational studies in isolation are often limited in their capacity to identify underlying mechanisms or quantify their relative importance. Thus, even in instances when field-based measures of infection correlate with host richness, it remains difficult to assess whether this link is driven by diversity itself or another variable that covaries with diversity. The logistical challenges of quantifying interactions between multiple host and parasite species have concurrently restricted most studies of the diversity-disease relationship to focus on single infections and often a single ‘focal host’ species, further limiting opportunities to broadly test underlying processes.
  • Would you mind sending that exact excerpt -- but in a Word document, of course -- to with a link to this thread?

    Also, which Zotero version, which Word version exactly?
  • Adam I sent you the details this am but havent heard back-- did you get them
  • @adomasven needs to look at this
  • not sure what you mean-- need me to send it somewhere else?
  • no, just flagging it for him.
  • And ps-- its any document now-- now I can not add 3 or more citations using zotero even to a new word document.
  • Can you restart Zotero and provide a Debug ID for triggering this in a new document?
  • he Debug ID is D1900608828
  • Submitted with Debug ID D56833294
  • report 1458475473
  • C:\Users\[…]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Outlook\W2ZCQF0Q\[…].docx
    @adomasven will still need to look at this, but this doesn't look like a new document — it looks like the document you were referring to above, which was also opened directly from Outlook and stored in a cache folder. You should never edit a document like that — you always want to save it to a permanent place on your disk, so do that first before trying further. It's possible you were running into problems because of the file location. Adomas will know better, but I don't see any clear problems with the document you sent.

    But beyond that, we'd want to see a Debug ID for creating a completely new blank document and inserting citations until this error occurs.

    If it doesn't happen in a new document — which is the more likely case — then you can almost certainly work around any problems you're still having after moving the file by following Step 8 in the Debugging Broken Documents. Basically, unless the problem still happens when you completely clear the existing document and insert a single citation, you haven't fully followed the debugging steps.

    You also sent a very large portion of the document via email. Adomas might be able to find a problem with that, but note that that's not what we asked for — we asked for just the smallest-possible excerpt of the document that demonstrates the problem.

    We're happy to help you here, but our troubleshooting steps are carefully designed to allow us to do so, so we'll need you to follow them precisely.
  • Here is the debugging for a blank document. The error occurs no matter what word document I am in. Old ones, new ones, previously saved ones.

    the file location is fine-- I have edited this file and many others on our server at the University. That has nothing to do with the issue. Sadly-- that would be simple.

    I have already followed debugging broken documents as per earlier in this conversion.

    The problem in the document exist on every citation that has more than two citations in the string.

  • 1) What citation style are you using?
    2) What is the specific version of Word that you are running (such as 16.0.11029.20045)?
    3) Have you tried updating Word/Office?
    4) What do you mean by "string" in "has more than two citations in the string"? Sentence, paragraph, more than two items per citation?
    5) Could you send a minimal example of a document that reproduces this problem (best created from scratch, instead of your current one) to with a link to this thread?
  • Email has been sent
  • Hi-- any update.
  • Here are the requested items. Please note I have sent these same requests last week.

    I have completely unintalled word and Zotero and updated both version. There are no changes-- Zotero still doesn’t work. It doesn’t work in a blank document or an old one. Specially the error comes up when you are adding in three citaitons (string) to the end of sentences. For instance, Calhoun et al. 2017, Johnson et al. 2009, Nature 1000. I have tried multiple preferences but nothing will work. For this specific document I need ecology letters and Proc B.

    1.My office version is Pro Plus 365
    2. Zotero is the newest download 5.060

    Here is the example I submitted. This was a blank document using Proc B. D1028066811
    You didn't actually send a document with this email, nor did you say your exact Word version. (And no, as I explained above, you didn't provide this last week either.) We'll look at the Debug ID, but it's really hard for us to help you if you don't provide what we ask for.
  • I have provided what I thought you were asking for. I apologies that I am not understanding specifically what you are requesting (ie for what version of word I am using).

    Word for Office 365 MSO (16.011029.20104) 64 bit

    I am confused on which document you are requesting. I will send both but I will need to send two new debuging links since I have not saved those versions.

    I am sorry if this is frustrating you-- I am frustrated as well. I have never had issues like this before and I feel like I have done the best of my ability to answer your questions-- again my apologies if I have not.

    D580231834 (for the acutal manuscripts) I have to add the three citations listed and I had this error pop up. (please note I have tried in this in any document and with multiple preferences on style -- ie other journal styles)

    D237637456 (blank new document) I have used ecology letters here-- still doesnt work. Same error as in the previous one.

    I have emailed both documents. I truly appreciate your time and effort.
  • I had my IT folks at the University try to help. We opened the document as well as a blank document and were able to use Zotero without any issues. They also downloaded
    LibreOffice Zotero and can confirm that it works on my PC. Therefor they believe it is the plugin between MS Office and Zotero is likely what's broken here; however that is far as they can go. I hope this information helps. I am happy to assist in any other way that I can-- hopefully we can all work together to figure this out.

  • Could you provide a Debug ID in a new document, where you add 2 items into a citation and the insertion succeeds?
  • @danacalhoun: You sent a new document via email, but you didn't provide the Debug ID that Adomas asked for.
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