Help with Manual Install for Zotero Word add-in

I'm at my wit's end trying to get the Zotero plug-in reinstalled in Word after it mysteriously disappeared. I've gone through all of the instructions in the documentation for what to do when your Zotero doesn't show up in your ribbon, have uninstalled, reinstalled, gone to the "ribbon customization" tab in Word, etc., and just tried a manual install to no avail. I copied the Zotero.dotm to my word start-up folder, and if I now click on "Zotero.dotm" a word document with Zotero will pop up, but if I just open Word, there's still nothing there. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  • I should say that Zotero still does not show up as an add-in in my Word options.
  • I figured it out! I put the .dotm file in the wrong location. It's all set now!
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