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Is it possible to add "contributors" after author in bibliography ?
I tried something but i can't manage to put in the CSL style i'm doing

Thanks for your help (and sorry for english)
  • The "Contributor" role is not mapped to any CSL variable; it is intended for individuals who contributed to an item but who should not be cited (e.g., often listed on a book as "with John Doe").

    What exactly are you trying to cite?
  • Thanks for the answer.
    I have a style where contributors are cited after the author (ex : Doe J., Martin S. with the collaboration of Snow D.)

    Do you think i can manage to put "Snow D." after ?
  • If you have only a few of these such items, the easiest method would be to just enter the name in Zotero as:
    with the collaboration of Snow || D.

    Otherwise, you could modify the CSL style to use a rarely-used creator type, such as original-author, for this type of thing. If you want to that, I can give you some more detailed steps. What style are you working with?
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    I work with the "Bulletin de la Société Préhistorique Française (French)"

    I think i need to write between this two lines because it's an "author-date" type of style :

    text macro="author"/
    text macro="year-date" prefix="(" suffix=") ‒ "/

    It's mostly for Journal Article so i've got 2 possibilities left : Translator and Reviewed author. I've tried with both like this :

    text macro="author"/
    text macro="translator" prefix="with the collaboration of"/
    text macro="year-date" prefix="(" suffix=") ‒ "/

    EDIT : I succeded to put a translator for contributor after my author. Here's how i do it (i'm sure there's a thousand ways) :

    text macro="author"/
    names variable="translator" prefix="with the contribution of "/
    text macro="year-date" prefix="(" suffix=") ‒ "/

    After that my name or not written the same way, the results is : DOE J., MARTIN S. with the contribution of D. Snow.
  • If someone knows how to change "D. Snow" into "SNOW D.", let me know !
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