Public Zotero Groups and Academic Libraries

Hi, I'm curious if any fellow librarians at academic libraries or information clearinghouses, are using Public Zotero Groups to share bibliographies with students or the general public. Maybe some academic libraries are using Zotero Groups to supplement LibGuides. If you are using them, what access settings did you chose. I imagine it would be best to only let the administer or a few selected people (professors, other subject experts) edit the Zotero Group library but maybe some libraries have had a good experience letting anyone edit the a Zotero Group.
  • It does not look like anyone is using Zotero to compile bibliographies for an information clearinghouse or academic library, or at least nobody who saw my question. Does anyone know if Zotero still has someone on staff to answer questions like this one from librarians?
  • Zotero does not have a dedicated library liaison on staff, no, but many librarians who answer questions here.

    I know of a lot of related uses for shared Zotero groups (e.g. OSF has one on preregistration literature, there's a Word War 1 bibliography and many hundreds more), but none that I know of is strictly maintained by an academic library.

    As a general rule, I would try to keep the number of users with editing rights low and to people you know personally. It's too easy to mess up a library simply by throwing out stuff and not realizing it'll affect everyone, for example.
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