csl style issue: hanging indent


I modified a csl style (http://www.zotero.org/styles/deutsches-archaologisches-institut) to the citation guidelines of the Römisch Germanische Kommission (RGK) = German Prehistoric Archaeology.
There are just some last changes I have trouble with.

If someone wants to contribute I can upload the .csl to github or somewhere else. Just tell me how and where.

The bibliography now looks like that:

Möller-Wiering 2012
S. Möller-Wiering, Germany: Bronze and Pre-Roman Iron Ages. In: M. Gleba / U. Mannering (Hrsg.), Textiles and textile production in Europe from prehistory to AD 400 (Oxford u.a. 2012) 122–138.

1. It would be perfect if the block under the author-date-block is indented. I tried different settings in the Visual Editor but either the whole entry jumped a little to the right or nothing at all happened...

2. I want the block after the author-date-block to be justified (Blocksatz). I read in other posts that it cant be done with csl. Is that correct? The problem is that if I change the settings in libreoffice the author-date-block changes as well and the author is at the left margin and the date at the right.

It would be great to solve this last issues, so the style can be put to the Zotero Style Repository.

Nice evening,
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