Using Zotero with focus on writing a paper?

My primary focus is writing papers; from the start to the end there will be many versions. (Using LibreOffice 6.0.) As time goes on I want to insert references and view and copy parts of notes about those references, but without leaving the paper that I'm writing. However, Zotero was designed to focus on references. I want to know how to use it for my focus. Surely someone has experience with this.
  • If you mean you don't want to toggle back between Zotero and LibreOffice, you can do that for inserting references (see ) but not for viewing or copying notes.

    But generally I don't think most people writing papers consider looking things up in their reference manager a distraction or waste of time. Referencing is part of academic writing; I don't think a distinction between the two makes a lot of sense.
  • Toggling back and forward is only an issue if I need to cut and paste. A quick look at the plug-in info implies that its just a click. It may be possible to just position two windows beside each other. The example shows a desktop version; I'll try it with the connector version as well.
  • There is no “connector version”. The connector just connects your browser to the Zotero desktop app.

    Using the LibreOffice plugin, you just click the button to insert a citation. The search bar to search for the reference will pop up in LibreOffice. No need to switch to the Zotero app.
  • Ah, I see. So using the desktop will be fine as long as the reference is already in Zotero.
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