Report ID 478333717 - Memory overflow Error while importing items from Mendeley database to Zotero

About 5500 items were to be imported from Mendeley database (sqlite file from Mendeley v1.18) into Zotero (v5.0.59) on a laptop running Windows 10 Pro. The Zotero import facility ended in error after about 5000 items were imported with the error - memory overflow (the exact error message may be different). I have reported the error vide report ID - 478333717. Please suggest if I should try importing the same database again? Will it create duplicates of the already created items? If not, what is the alternative?
  • No, it won't create duplicates.

    How much RAM does the computer have? Try restarting your computer and importing again with all other programs closed. If possible, watch the zotero.exe process in Task Manager to see how much memory it's using.
  • Thank a lot. I have re-imported from where it failed previously, and the job is done successfully without creating duplicates.
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