Broken attachment paths after upgrading computer

  • Hi everyone, I have a similar problem following the upgrade of my computer from W7 to W10. When I use Zutilo to indicate the path to the attachment, the only difference with the directory I've set in the advanced panel is the name of the User. It has indeed changed between the two computer and causing Zotero to not find my attachments. Do you have any idea to resolve that ?
    I would provide a Debug ID but I don't know the consequences of the "Reset File Sync History".
  • @Etouna86 -- generally better to start you own thread so solutions don't get confused; in your case, the easiest is going to be to use Zutilo to batch change all links.
  • @adamsmith
    Sorry about that, I thought it would be similar enough to stay in this thread.
    Thanks but I already tried this and it doesn't work. Somehow the first caracter of the attachement's title gets dropped in the process.
  • Yeah, definitely want a separate thread for this.
  • @Etouna86: I've moved this to a separate thread, so you can continue here.
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