Google scholar cannot save citation, treats it like a webpage"public+health+documentary"&hl=en&as_sdt=0,5

Instead of a folder where I can select each reference in the search that I want to save citations for, zotero connector treats it like a webpage and only takes a snapshot of the search and no citation data. I have tried closing both my browser and the zotero standalone and it still doesn't work.
  • Could you say what view exactly this is? The link doesn't show anything for me and doesn't look like it's a regular query, but looks like it's some kind of list?
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    Yes, when I do a search using key words I get a list of different sources. Usually then a folder appears in the chrome toolbar and I can click on that and I get a selection of all the references on the page and then I select what I want to save. But now I can only save the search itself as a webpage snapshot and the individual citations cannot be saved to zotero."public+health+documentary"&hl=en&as_sdt=0,5
  • again, how exactly do you get to this view? This doesn't look like a regular search (which, likely, is why it doesn't work with Zotero).
  • I go to google scholar and enter "public health documentaries" or "public health" and "documentaries." Is that not a regular search?
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    hadn't seen the edit. The second one (and what you describe doing) is a regular search. The first link you posted wasn't from one.

    Run through as they apply. For the last step (if the others don't help) we'd want a Debug ID from the connector for loading or reloading your second link.
  • I enter my search terms here on the google scholar landing page (,5) but zotero treats the findings as a webpage and I can't import citations into it.
  • See my post right above yours for troubleshooting. No need to re-state the problem you're having. I understand that. I'm just not seeing it, so we need to figure out why things aren't working for you.
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