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I am currently adding files to my Zotero library and it tends to capitalize the titles. Is it best to keep it this way, or change it to lower case (e.g., for APA citations)? If it is best to keep them sentence case, is there a quick way to change the titles so they are not capitalized?
  • It is always best to keep them in Sentence case. An automated process like Zotero can reliably go from sentence case to title case, but not the other way around. You can quickly change the case of the titles by right clicking on them and using the Change case option.
  • Thank you very much! :)
  • Is there an option to automatically sentence case titles? Articles from sagepub re in Title Case and it's quite a fuss to sencence case them one by one
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    You can right-click on the title field and use the Change Case option to change the case. No option currently to do this with more than one item at a time, sorry.
  • It will be great if it can do this with more than one time at a time
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    One possibility here would be to offer a setting for APA users that would automatically convert imported titles to sentence case, with the caveat that you'd have to manually correct any proper nouns (which is why it only makes sense for people who actually use APA). We do this — with an appropriate warning — when you choose APA in ZoteroBib, the difference there being that you choose a style ahead of time, whereas in Zotero you choose a style when you're generating the bibliography.
  • Batch conversion would be OK, instead of sentence case, plus to auto capitalise word after the semi colon.
  • Has this issue been addressed since this time? I am in a bind, with 30 pages of references and half of my titles in need of proper APA 7th edition title formatting (sentence case, plus capital letter for subtitle first word after colon)
  • If you have items in proper full sentence case (i.e. lowercase after colon) then yes, Zotero will capitalize after the colon for APA styles.

    If you have titles in Zotero in title case, you'll have to convert them.

    See for both of these
  • Batch conversion could be performed using java script by
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