# of pages field for reports?

Is there a workaround to get the report item type to include # of pages in the bibliography?

It used to list that field as "Pages XX" (as if it was a book section) and now it's not included at all.

The only way I know to get that is using the Book item type, but I would like to keep the Report Number field.

I'm using the Conservation Biology style and Zotero 5.0.9
  • Yes, this is an error in the Report type (it should be Number of Pages, not Pages) that will be fixed in an upcoming version of Zotero as part a major update to item types and fields.

    For now, you can enter number of pages into Extra like this:
    Number of pages: 123

    This will get picked up by citation styles as needed.
  • Unrelated but - I'm guessing this was a typo, but if you're actually on Zotero 5.0.9 (and not 5.0.59) you should update and investigate why automatic updates arent' working.
  • Good to know - I'll look into it.
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