Issues with typing apostrophes quotations in Zotero using International keyboard

In Zotero's notes sections, when using the international keyboard option for Windows 10, the only way I can type a quotation mark is if I hit the apostrophe button twice quickly. Additionally, I cannot create any single apostrophe quotations (like 'this') at all when typing. This is a recent problem; before December I didn't have this issue using the international keyboard in Zotero notes.

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  • when using the international keyboard option for Windows 10
    What do you mean by that? Can you provide Steps to Reproduce?
  • [In Windows 10]

    My actual physical keyboard is a US Standard keyboard. To use it, but still enable myself to write in various languages, I have an output setting set up through my Windows 10 Settings which allows me to toggle between the standard US keyboard output and an "English (United States International)" keyboard output setting. Directly below is how to do that.

    1) Settings --> Time and Language

    2) If you already have US English installed, you can skip to the next step. If not, click the "Add a language" and add "English (United States)

    3) Once English (United States) is installed, click the heading/button/icon that says "English (United States). It will slightly open and give you a button that says "Options." Click "options."

    4) You will get a new screen that says "English (United States) Language Options." Under "Keyboards" on this screen, click, the plus button to "Add a keyboard."

    5) Find and add "United States-International QWERTY" keyboard.

    6) After you add the international keyboard, you should have an icon on your taskbar that allows you to toggle between your regular keyboard and your United States-International keyboard. Change your output setting to the United States-International keyboard setting to replicate my problem. You will also most likely have to be using a physical standard US keyboard to replicate my problem-- the one that has key with the " and the ' signs directly to the left of the "Enter" sign.

    In the US-International setting. Open a word program or use Notepad. You will see that you can create an accent such as ó or í by hitting [ ' ] and subsequently a vowel of your choice. You will see that you can also still make the [ ' ] sign by hitting [ ' ] on the keyboard and hitting the space bar subsequently after. The same goes for making the quotation sign [ " ] . You just hit space after you type it and it will come up.

    I can do this, too, in all of my other word processing applications. However, I can no longer type these signs using my US-International Keyboard in Zotero. This seemed to have changed a few weeks ago without my noticing. I'm not sure if it's because Windows or Zotero updated, because I updated both around the same time. Here is what happens:

    1) I open Zotero.
    2) I open a list and subsequently a bibliographic selection. On the left, I click the "Notes" tab to add notes.
    3) I begin to write notes and need to use a [ ' ] as an apostrophe. It does not appear, although a space is created as if I typed something. (Instead of [it's] I see [it s]).
    4) I need to use a [ " ]. It also does not appear.
    5) I have noticed that if I hit [ ' ] twice and then press the spacebar, I am able to at least get two apostrophes that appear to be [ " ], but can be erased one at a time, revealing they are just two apostrophes.
  • You might find the International Extended keyboard layout here for a much more usable way to type international characters (with no dead keys):
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