Firefox connector not displaying proper 'Save to Zotero' list

edited January 1, 2019
To replicate:
Search for 'Association between visual attention and mobility in older adults'
Right-click on link to ' ' to open in new tab, wait until tab loads
Click on new tab
Right-click on orange icon in upper-right corner to open in new tab, wait until tab loads, but stay on the current (PubMed) tab
Right-click on Zotero icon on task bar and mouse to 'Save to Zotero' entry, note that the displayed list of save options does not include 'PubMed', even though the open tab is a PubMed page; the list reflects the options for the newly-opened but not visible tab
If you click on the last-opened tab, then re-click on the PubMed tab, the 'Save to Zotero' list displays the correct options
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