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edited December 25, 2018
I recently upgraded to zotero 5.x, stuck long enough with zotero for firefox.
as half of my resources are not supported by translators "discussed before RG and others" save to zotero is the easiest method to ad resources zotero could not detect metadata or download automatically.
but this option is not available in Zotero 5.x, so creating item is totally manually and too many steps.
I searched but couldn't find any solution in the forums
  • I'm not really sure what you're saying here. What is "discussed before RG and others"? What option isn't available Zotero 5? Do you have the Zotero Connector installed?

    Saving to Zotero works basically the same way in Zotero 5, except you need to install the Zotero Connector separately and the save popup is now even more powerful.
  • when you download from RG=researchgate for example, zotero mostly don't detect any metadata, and can't download the attached file as in most Journals "this was discussed >year ago.
    at zotero for firefox the FF download compo box has 3rd option "save to zotero" it download the file directly to zotero and create new item, then you create parent, chose the type, add authors and copy the abstract.
    now at zotero 5.x this option was removed, added more steps to create the item manually and add the file manually after it downloaded
  • OK, so you're referring to the modification Zotero made to the Firefox open/save dialog. ("Save to Zotero" generally refers to the main Zotero Connector save button, so when you say that, that's what we'll assuming you're talking about.)

    First, if a PDF isn't being saved from somewhere you expect it, you should report that separately with example URLs.

    For cases where you need to download the PDF manually, this is only a problem if you're viewing PDFs in an external program instead of in your browser. If you view them in the browser, you can just click the normal Save to Zotero button while viewing the PDF to save it to Zotero.

    The situation is still the same as discussed in the Zotero 5 FAQ:
    No longer possible:

    “Save to Zotero” option in the Firefox open/save dialog — workarounds: find the article page instead and use the “Save to Zotero” button to download the metadata and PDF automatically (recommended whenever possible); preview the PDF in Firefox and click the “Save to Zotero” button; drag the PDF link to Zotero; save the PDF to disk and drag into Zotero; add Zotero as PDF handler in Firefox and choose it from the open/save dialog (not currently possible, but planned)
  • (And, to be clear, it’s simply no longer possible for extensions to modify the built-in open/save dialog in the new Firefox extension framework. That’s why the option went away. So previewing the PDF in Firefox and using Save to Zotero is your best option, but we’re still planning other ways to deal with this.)
  • Thank you very much, this clear things out
  • any info if some features discussed before could be added shortly
    the new stand alone version seems until now just to comply with FF engine changes and some enhancement to v4.x.
    1-PDF viewer and comment or highlight store
    2-mass changes in database like multi name or name changes,
    3- author field like institute, other name or other language name for the same author like M. Ghamdi = Mansour Alghamdi = منصور الغامدي
  • 1. This is a fairly intentional design choice to allow users to annotate PDFs with whichever program they prefer (I use Adobe, others prefer Foxit, etc.) and to allow annotations to be easily exported and shared with others (compare to the system used by Mendely, which stores the highlights in a proprietary format that makes it difficult to export/share). You can use the Zotfile plugin to extract highlights and comments from PDFs for searching, and these features are also planned to be incorporated into stock Zotero in the future.

    2. Batch editing is planned for a forthcoming version of Zotero (I believe 5.1 or 5.2).

    3. This functionality is available in Juris-M, a community-developed version of Zotero with expanded legal citation and multilingual features.
  • I took a quick look at Juris-M, it has enhanced field for author or contribute but not for biography, institute and more important info.
    I took a fast look at zotero database and some code and thought it could be easy to link note to each filed, but it need proper view not like the normal note view which is stand alone
  • @fbennett Does Juris-M still support listing affiliations after author names with alternating personal/institutional fields?
  • The logic for it is in the processor, and 20 tests for it still pass, but it's disabled in Zotero and in Jurism also. I'm not sure whether that's what is referred to though.

    @hamed_fcs: Can you give an example of "institute" in the info for an item? Also, is the institute something you would want included in citations, or just something that you want to have in the record in order to have complete information on the item?
  • @fbennett I did not spend much time on Jurism, I just looked into it when @bwiernik suggested months ago.
    the author info is just for record organizing and most importantly items links and tree map network, I don't know citation for such info, but some paper or research style allow enriching the paper with this bio info
  • Got it, thanks. As @bwiernik notes, the utility of Jurism in your context would be the ability to store language variants. In other respects, the functionality is 1:1 with Zotero.
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