Multiple disks with files linked to library files

edited December 20, 2018

I had a drive crash and divided the files on that drive between a number of other drives, none of these drives has my Zotero data folder on it, but some do have files which have been linked to documents in the Zotero library.

Is it possible to use the 'Linked Attachment Base Directory' to point the linked items to the files on multiple drives, not all of the drives would be connected to the computer, with the Zotero application and library on it every time Zotero is running, as some of the files aren't always needed. All of these drives have been assigned different drive letters.

I'm not sure if this is the sort of use the base directory setting is intended for, the posts I have been able to find relate to either Dropbox or multiple computers, and not to different drives on the same computer. Any comments confirming or denying this as possible use, would be welcomed.

Thank you for any help. nbrefzot.
  • No, the base directory can only point to one absolute path for the base directory per Zotero instance, i.e. only one disk.

    The Zutilo add-on does have a batch re-linking version that you might be able to use if you know which Zotero items are on which harddisk.
  • Thank you for that answer, it would be possible though to use the base directory to point to one of the disks, would it, the one with the majority of the relocated files on it, and continue to have the true paths for the rest of the linked files. Otherwise, I've got Zutilo installed, so I'll have a look at using that for all of the moved files.

    Thank you for any help. Regards. nbrefzot.
  • Not sure, to be honest, but I don't think so. The base directory means that Zotero will always start the filepath with that base.

    I'm a bit confused why you would want to keep your files on different linked drives, though. Why not just migrate this all to one location?
  • Thanks for the answer, I'll experiment with it, see what happens, the main reason for the mixture of drives in so as not to loose too much if one crashes. Each drive is duplicated and hold a different archive of a particular type of file. The main thing I can do in future is not use linking for files that will end up in an archive, make sure those are imported and stored in the Zotero data folder.

    Thank you very much for your help, regards. nbrefzot.
  • Honestly, if that is your concern, I recommend just storing the files on your main hard drive in Zotero and then including your Zotero storage folder in a full-system backup solution.
  • Thank you for that reply, sorry about the delay in replying.
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