Report ID: 1763129488 - problems with automatic extraction of meta-data on linking

This is a minor problem with anticipatable, but nuisance, work-around.
Automatic extraction of metadata from pdfs is a valuable, welcome feature.
On occasion the meta-data extracted from a file (on linking) does not agree with the entry being linked to. For instance, this can happen with a page of abstracts with multiple entries. If linking to e.g. the Zotero entry for 2nd item on the page, the automatic extraction of meta-data results in the creation of a new, separate entry in Zotero, generally an undesired one. Moreover, it does not link file to the desired Zotero entry (the one selected at the time of the Link to File menu click).
Similarly, if Zotero fails to extract meta-data, it creates a new entry with no bibliographic information consisting solely of the link, and it fails to attach the linked file to the entry highlighted when Link to File is selected.
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    I'm not quite following this — I'm not sure where the separate item is coming in. Can you provide Steps to Reproduce what you're seeing here, ideally with a specific PDF example?
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