Duplicate Items UX - Suggestion

When reviewing duplicate items, if they are not of the same type you can not merge them. I'm assuming this has to do with some underlying data structure issue. Accepting this constraint, it would be great to be able to edit individual items from within the Duplicate Items view, so one could easily change them to the same type and allow a merge.

Right now, you have to take all of these steps (unless I'm totally missing something):
1. Exit Duplicate Items and go back to My Library.
2. Search for one of the items by name.
3. Edit the type of item.
4. Return to Duplicate Items.
5. Merge the items.

((Side Note: My institution now provides free Mendeley expanded storage, so instead of renewing, I thought I'd move over and take advantage of the free 5GB of storage. Let's just say, after a miserable experience, I am back and so happy. In retrospect, $20 is a small price to pay to avoid the awful, hyper-inaccurate metadata retrieval and inability to import common citation formats reliably (half of my item titles are now full of random brackets and escape characters). I saw an iOS app is on the horizon, and I'm ecstatic! Definitely going to mention to our library that they should consider a volume license.))
  • We can probably do better to address the underlying constraint, but you can actually edit an individual item in the duplicates view by deselecting the other items. On macOS, Cmd-click the other selected items. On Windows/Linux, Ctrl-click. Alternatively, you can also use the up/down arrow keys to select individual items.

    (And thanks for the other comments. Good to have you back!)
  • You can also use Alt/Option to select individual items.
  • (Oh, that's better.)
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