Translator failure at PsyArXiv

PsyArXiv preprints have DOIs like 10.31234/, but the Zotero translator doesn't work (for this particular one at least).

Using the Add to Zotero icon at fails.

Feeding "10.31234/" to "Add item by identifier" also fails.

But recognises it as an existing DOI:

Where in the chain does this go wrong?
  • Yes, I've also noticed at that OSF preprint DOIs have started to fail (they used to work). Other OSF preprint servers work with the Embedded Metadata translator ( PsyArXiV also used to use Embedded Metadata, but that's now changed to only triggering the DOI translator.
  • That's our fault: OSF uses the CrossRef Preprint item type that's pretty new and apparently we fail on trying to import that. Ticket is here:
  • Revisiting this old thread for a related issue: the translator works now, but I've noticed it saves only the metadata (via the DOI translator). The only other available translator is Web Page. How could we make Zotero also save the freely available PDF attachment along with the item?
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