citation of multiple author

I wanted to create a new citation style in which there is no period in et al. example (Chaudhary et al 2018) how can I do it?
  • What style are you trying to adapt?
  • I think the easiest is to define the et-al term without a period in the beginning of the style
    <term name="et-al">et al</term>

    I think it might be possible to also do using strip-periods, but I'd have to test.
  • @bwiernik thanks for your comment I wanted to create new citation style for Nepal Agriculture Research Council and They wants no period(.) in et al.
  • edited December 18, 2018
    thanks, @adamsmith for your comment I have tried strip-period however it doesn't work maybe I hadn't use it in the right place. However, I'll follow your suggestion to define the et-al term and I'll let you know if it works
  • @adamsmith thanks a lot it worked
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