Update NCSU's OpenURL information

edited December 15, 2018
Could someone please update the OpenURL and Locate Engine URL information for North Carolina State University (NCSU) on these pages?

The correct URL is reported here:
  • The zotero.org resolvers page is a wiki and you can update it as needed. The other one is not a zotero page.
  • Wondering if there was a glitch since I haven't heard back from Zotero support on my edit request.
  • edited December 20, 2018
    Do you mean your request to get wiki editing privileges? @fcheslack
  • edited December 20, 2018
    Yes, I mean wiki edit rights. I can login and see page source, but cannot edit/save. The NCSU OpenURL has been corrected I believe by the person from NCSU library who had also requested for wiki edit (after I pointed them to this thread). Since their edit rights request was submitted after mine and has been approved, I am wondering if mine did not get submitted correctly?
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