Duplicate folders for each PDF all over computer

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  • On my mac, these duplicate folders are located all over my computer. For each PDF, I seem to have 6-9 folders with the PDF, each in a different place on my computer. For one, the pathway is short: my home - zotero- storage - folders. For others, the pathways are long and involve lots of hidden files. Can I just put those libraries in the trash, and assume that there are copies of everything at the end of the short pathway? This is where Zotero put a new file I tested. Or, should I assume that some of the PDFs only exist at the end of those other pathways, and would be eliminated if I dumped those folders?
  • @KristinKopp: Can you provide some full example paths for the same PDF? (You can x out your username.)

    Zotero only stores files in your current Zotero data directory. If you use linked files (e.g., via the ZotFile plugin), your files might be located elsewhere.

    But it's possible you have multiple old data directories elsewhere on your computer for some reason.
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