Generating reports from Tagged items vs. Saved Search

I have been reading and have a follow up question:

Situation: I want to generate a report from all top level items that match a tag or a combination of tags (some of these are stand-alone notes, most are "items"). I want this report include the child items, especially the notes attached to the items. But, I have not tagged all of the child notes.

Problem: When I choose a tag, the list that is generated in the middle pane has any sub-items grayed out. Therefore, they are not included in the report.

Work-around: After reading the forum above, i realized that I could do a "saved search" that would include child items. I do a search on a tag, make sure to select the right check boxes, and then save the search. Then I can go to the saved search collection and generate the report. This solves my problem, which is nice. But it does take more time than just choosing a tag from the interface.

Therefore, it would be nice to be able to just choose a tag (and multiple tags) from the tag selector without having to go through the longer process of doing the saved search, running the search, etc. Is there a way to include child-items when using the tag selector? (Perhaps a hidden feature in about:config? Or something else?).

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