Citation duplication in the footnotes

Hi all,

There is some sort of bug that is causing some citations to duplicate in my manuscript (i.e. footnote 1: Author, page 3. Same Author, page 3...). Early on it is very sporadic. However, in the latter half of the manuscript its almost every footnote. Refreshing Zotero seems to only make it worse by adding more duplication. Same thing when I change the reference style.

If you have any advice/support I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very much for your help.

  • Which Word processor, OS, Zotero version and citation style? Does it occur in a new document?
  • Hi,

    Zotero 5.0.11 on a MacOS, Word version 16.16.4. Citation style is in Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation 7th Ed (McGill). I tried changing to Bluebook Law Review and it duplicated the citation in both styles in each footnote.

    Copying and pasting into a new document has not helped. THX
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    If you really mean 5.0.11, that's over a year old. You should start by upgrading to the latest version of Zotero (and figuring out why you're not receiving auto-updates). That will also update the Word plugin, so you'll want to restart Word after.
  • You are using an outdated version of Word that has many bugs related to Zotero integration, as well as a very out of date version of Zotero. Update to the current version of Word (16.19) and Zotero (5.0.58). Documents that were edited with this bug in place sometimes still don’t work after upgrading. If that’s the case, try to find an older version of your document.
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    @bwiernik: 16.16.4 isn't really an outdated version of Word. That's the latest version of the one-time-purchase Office 2016 for Mac. While Office 2019 is now available for purchase, Office 2016 includes security updates and bug fixes through 2020, and as far as we know the latest versions should work fine.

    Much more likely that the problem here is using a version of Zotero from August 2017 with an older Word plugin that doesn't work properly with version 16 of Office 2016, which was released in January 2018.
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    I just discovered I have the same problem; in footnotes further on in the document, say from note 35 onwards (though not in each and every one). When I click in the footnote it seems to contain 2 references, I can open each separately in the Zotero editor. Zotero recognizes that there are 2 references in the note: if the reference was used for the 1st time, the second is abbreviated. I use Zotero 5.0.59 and Word for Mac 16.20, Chicago style (full note).
    If there are any solutions other than going back to a previous version of the document, I'd love to hear them. thanks, Agnes
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