Duplicate saved search [IMPLEMENTED]

edited March 10, 2019

we're doing a literature review project where we are using tags intensively, and I find myself setting up similar saved searches over and over. Being able to duplicate a saved search would be so great! (First suggested here: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/70726/wish-list#latest)

I would also love folders for saved searches - our list of searches is getting ridiculously long.

If this can be agreed as a new feature, and if anybody is happy to implement this, I'm happy to put a bounty on it.

(In the saved search, when adding a new criterion, I would also love it if the new criterio had the same selector as the first one, rather than just going back to 'title'. For example, where you have several criteria already, e.g. 'tag' and 'title', you can then click '+' on the one you want to replicate.)

(I assume it's not possible to create saved searches through the client api somehow?)
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