debug id D563297053

hi, the debug report refers to the following situation:
after getting an error because i had no more space for syncing online, i detached my account, so no more syncing occurs.
but i continue to get the message "an error occurred while saving this item. see troubleshooting translator issues" when trying to import references+pdf from scholar.
i can instead import references for/from webpages or from clipboard so it seems that the problem are the attachment files to be saved.

the scholar page is,5&q=Evolving+in+Common:+Creating+Mutually+Supportive+Relationships+Between+Libraries+and+the+Digital+Humanities&btnG=
the translator is (save to zotero - google scholar)
zotero is v. 5.0.58

thank you for your help

  • You're almost certainly hitting

    Import errors are never caused by lack of storage on your Zotero account. You don't even need a Zotero account to import items.
  • hi adamsmith,
    you're right. i had installed the scholar citations count plugin...
    i got no error message from Scholar, nor i was unable to human-ly access the contents form the Scholar pages.
    using another browser didn't change the situation.
    i restarted the router and everything now is ok.
    would it be possible to have some specific type of error message when crashing against this type of limitations/control by Scholar, ProQuest, etc.?
  • Yeah, a better error message would be good. Unfortunately it's quite hard to tell when this is happening -- it's usually just that Zotero no longer gets the (meta)data it expects.
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